The letter below was sent to all the participants in the band that played for the National Day Of Prayer at the First Baptist Church on Amelia Island, FL, 2009. It was an awesome evening of worship. Besides myself and Jeanie Scheff, other MUMC Grace Notes musicians who participated - Roger Antworth and Andy Foote. Music for the event was organized through Amelia Island Ministries operated by Gene Knaga.

Amelia Island National Day of Prayer, Inc.
1864 Ocean Village Place
Amelia Island, FL. 32035

May 23, 2009

Dear Joey and Jeanie,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all those who attended the National Day Of Prayer event held at First Baptist Church, we thank you so much for participating in a multi denominational praise and worship band. Your dedication and professionalism is appreciated. We're still answering question about, "Who was that band and where did they come from?"