September 15, 2009, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Joey Daddario, Singer-Songwriter member of Joey & Jeanie,
is SIX-time ASCAP Plus Award Winner


Singer-songwriter Joey Daddario, of contemporary Christian duo Joey & Jeanie, is a six-time recipient of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers “ASCAP Plus Award” (2005 - 2010). The award recognizes composers whose work has unique prestige value. It also honors the recipient with $150 Writer distribution check. Representing diversity in the entertainment business, here is this year’s impressive pool of judges:

          Peter Filichia – New York-based theatre critic.
          Peter Keepnews – New York Times Staff Editor.
          Brian Mansfield - USA Today Author & Entertainment Editor.
          Melinda Newman - Billboard Magazine West Coast Bureau Chief.
          Pat Prescott – Los Angeles Radio DJ.

During Vivendi-Universal's height of popularity, Joey Daddario (in his soloist days) watched his song Miracle Mom overtake Madonna, Faith Hill, and REM on's worldwide Top 40 chart - a chart truly reflecting a level playing field, allowing both independent and major label artists to compete with each other in a head-to-head showdown. His beautifully written song rose to #2. Considering that each song competes with millions of others worldwide, this is a phenomenal achievement for the independent artist!

Joey is one of the most sensitive and creative singer-songwriters of our time.

Actress/Author Suzanne Somers said of his work:
"...Your music has an important message. I felt like [your song] 'Little Miss Perfect' was written about my life. You have taken a negative and turned it into an incredible positive to help others."

ABOUT JOEY & JEANIE - A Contemporary Christian Duo
In 2008 Joey teamed up with singer-songwriter Jeanie Scheff. Together they formed the powerful contemporary Christian duo, Joey and Jeanie. They have penned numerous songs together and are working on their first combined album. Their CD is set for release in the Fall of 2009. The album's engaging popular melodies and vocal harmonies promises "something for everyone".

This God-centered duo delivers passionate, heartfelt vocals layered over well-crafted songs with beautiful melodies. Their songs stir your heart…deeply. Their writing is influenced by sensitive subject matters such as recovery, family issues, domestic violence awareness, mental illness, and social struggles. Their ground-breaking work is the seed of legends – courageous, bold yet sensitive. Their Top 40-fueled-radio-friendly sound engages the listener automatically...and you will surely feel your heart beating in rhythm with theirs.

Listen to their songs and find out why fans treasure the soulful sounds of this intimate, personal duo - artists who voice the hidden feelings and quiet truths which guide our lives (Song sampler).
They are the artists who already know us.

Joey and Jeanie currently reside on Amelia Island, Florida, USA, performing and songwriting full time.
Visit for their performance schedule and free mp3 song downloads.

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